Make Sebastian Hawks Pozible

by deerinthexenonarclights

Normally this is where I ramblingly review comics but the title that most intrigued me this week is one that doesn’t even exist yet and so forming any sort of critical response to would be rather impossible. So Sebastian Hawks isn’t a book…yet, but with you help it will be, in fact with your help it will be between eight to thirteen by the sounds of things.

Yes this is an ad for, yes, another kick-starter campaign, but unlike so many of the other titles that now clog that site’s comic list I think that this one truly deserves your support (it’s the first thing that i’ve outwardly plugged on this site, ironically on the same day that I was offered paid advertising) for several reasons.

First and foremost it’s a fun concept, it sounds like the kind of comic that I and many others would want to read: Sebastian Hawks is a bit of a heel, a dapper Downton-era lord who just so happens to spend his free time and free finances on hunting mythical monsters, a hobby that will come in handy given the situation currently facing Queen and Country.

Secondly the creatives behind it are all very worthy names. The series is/will be (tenses here are confusing) written by local talent Tristan Huw Jones, of whom I am a huge fan, drawn by Chris DiBari whom I am less familiar with but am falling for more and more with each sighting, edited by Gestalt’s own Wolfgang Blysma (no need to say much more there, the name now speaking for itself) and produced (I guess that is the word, although it is a relatively new role for the comic industry) by Wolf Creek screenwriter/director Greg McLean.

I had the pleasure of hearing Jones and McLean talk about the project tonight and their passion for the project was potent; this is the story that they want to tell right now, not the book that will get them in a position where maybe they can lobby for a character a grade below the one they want at the other company, etc. You may have already noticed that theirs and some of the other names mentioned thus far are of Aussies and while the content of the comic is not specific to this country the project is. Diesel Punk, McLean’s comic label, are trying to start up a second big name in Aussie comics and so any support that you give Sebastian Hawks is going to trickle down into the industry as a whole.

For these reasons, and many more that can be found at the site, I reckon that you should support Sebastian Hawkes; even if only for a single dollar or the minimum required to receive a copy of the book when it ships. If it’s bad, you can blame me then but odds are that this is one of the safest bets for brilliant story in store or out. Info and other interesting stuff through the link below:

Support Sebastian Hawks

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